Katy Tur

Katy Tur, live-in girlfriend of Keith Olbermann, may be starting a new position as a news anchor at CW11. However, many are concerned about nepotism, since she is officially, according to New York Post listed as a freelance cable producer and did not attend any journalism school.
Despite all of these allegations, no one would deny that nepotism is alive and well in the world today. For a powerhouse position like the one Katy Tur may have been offered, the stakes are much higher, so people get more upset, but many Americans find jobs through networking. Usually, networking means that people find jobs for which they are qualified via discussions with others in that same industry, or by knowing someone, or by knowing someone who knows someone (and on and on and on).

On the basis of that reference alone, because their qualifications certainly do not match the job description, your person gets the job. This person is hired, even though someone else much more qualified may have applied, because a company wants their people to be happy. Plus, they trust you. You have worked there for a number of years, and they figure that anybody you recommend must be just great.

What a lucky girl. Keith Olberman's current squeeze, Katy Tur, has seemingly landed a news anchor job on New York station CW11, according to Page Six.
Well what do we have here? Why it seems that Keith Olbermann's girlfriend has been uploading her video projects to CurrentTv.

What types of videos has she shot? Why there's coverage of the Circus Elephant Walk. She probably mistook the elephants for Olbermann's backside. Then there are political pieces, where she's obviously gained entrance into press events and the like for political candidates like McCain, Bloomberg, and Bill Richardson.
Recently, CW11 posted a clip on its Web site featuring Ms. Tur on one of her early assignments. It's called "Easter Fun in the City."

Therein, Ms. Tur traverses the city on Easter, interviewing churchgoers outside St. Patrick's Cathedral and kids at the children's hat parade on Fifth Avenue.
Once a recurring “Page Six” figure for his dating escapades, Olbermann recently moved in with his girlfriend, Katy Tur. Yes, she’s a 23-year-old 2005 graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, but the relationship marks his first attempt at cohabitation.