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Sadam Ali, Canarsie's beleagured U.S. Olympic boxer who is on voluntary suspension for testing positive for high levels of the stimulant cathine, has retained the services of noted New York attorney Salvatore Strazzullo.

Strazzullo currently is representing Milana Dravnel in her $100 million lawsuit against Oscar De La Hoya over the legitimacy of lurid photos she took of the boxer in lingerie.

The 19-year-old Ali is awaiting the results of a B sample test to see if he will be allowed to participate in an Olympic qualifier March 10-18 in Trinidad and Tobago. Although Ali, a lightweight, is on the U.S. Olympic boxing team, he must qualify to compete in the 2008 Games. The third and final qualifier is in Guatemala in April.

An antihistamine Ali took to treat a head cold at a test event in Beijing from Nov. 17-22 may have been responsible for the elevated levels of cathine in Ali's system, according to Jim Millman, CEO of USA Boxing.

"I am 100% confident that he will not only be vindicated, but there will probably be some sort of apology that we'll get when this is all done," said Strazzullo, who has also represented rapper Foxy Brown. "It's sad what Sadam is going to be put through in the next month or so, but this will make him understand how delicate being a public figure is and how to handle fame. Even though he's not to blame for what happened, he has to watch out who he trusts for now on."

Milana Dravnel, the stripper suing boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya for $100 million, showed up to court Friday to begin her case against him.
Naturally, she provided a full photo shoot in front of the courthouse.
But, when it came time to start the actual proceedings, Dravnel totally chickened out and couldn’t bring herself to walk into the courtroom!
Oscar De La Hoya was not even present.
Salvatore Strazzullo, the lawyer for Milana Dravnel, told TMZ she was “too nervous” to face the federal court judge, even though very little went down.
Milana Dravnel wants $100 million from De La Hoya for defamation, after he claims she fabricated drag photos showing him wearing women’s lingerie in a Philadelphia hotel. Which, from the looks of it, aren’t fabricated …